Heading for the world’s forefront

The Zero Accident Forum granted annual safety level classifications to its member workplaces, celebrating work communities that were able to improve their occupational safety. All in all, 87 workplaces from various industries received a safety level classification. Of these, 33 workplaces reached the goal of zero accidents in 2020.

The safety level classifications of Steveco is Level III – Heading for the world’s forefront.

Long-term work pays off. In 2020, the average number of accidents at Finnish workplaces amounted to 25 accidents per one million working hours. At the member workplaces of the Zero Accident Forum, the average accident frequency was 9.2, lower than the year before.

This year, many workplaces have reported their successful measures in controlling the spread of COVID-19. Quick action and COVID measures based on the risk assessment of the workplace have proved highly effective. The pandemic has also inspired new policies for promoting occupational safety. Workplaces have been able to continue their safety work despite the pandemic. Companies have also developed new ways of organising safety training and shared risk assessments. Many of these new practices will most likely remain a permanent part of safety work.

The Zero Accident Forum consists of 450 workplaces, and the criteria for the safety level classification were created in co-operation with the member workplaces. The classification depends on the accident frequency of the workplace and the severity of the accidents, among other things. Other criteria include precise investigation of occupational accidents and reporting of incidents.

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