25.05.2023 · News from the ports · Satama

Immediate emission reductions with renewable fuel

In September, renewable fuel oil was put into test use in the machines at the Port of Hietanen. By replacing part of the fossil fuel with renewable fuel, it is possible to quickly...
15.05.2023 · Logistics · Satama

Wow, says the driver

Steveco has deployed new trailers for transporting paper and cardboard rolls from the MM Kotkamills factory to the ports of Mussalo and Hietanen. The design and construction of the
08.05.2023 · Logistics · Satama

Cargo seeks new routes as trade carries on

The Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine have changed the operating environment for freight transport, but the industry has quickly and nimbly adapted to keep goods moving. In...
02.05.2023 · Logistics · Satama

Valio partners with a food storage specialist

Valio and Steveco have discussed cooperation for a decade. The effects of current global logistics problems on Valio's supply chain led to concrete action in early 2021. "There has
24.04.2023 · General · Satama

Tuomas Tiainen brings experience to the table

Tuomas Tiainen, who worked in an international company for a long time before joining Steveco, appreciates the Finnish work culture. Tuomas Tiainen started as forwarding manager at
18.04.2023 · General · Satama

The port still appealed even after more than 40 years

Late last year, Arto Sinikannas retired from Steveco where he had more than 40 years behind him. His career included many roles and Sinikannas wouldn't change a day of it. He says...