05.06.2019 · General · Tuomo Keltto

Fire at sea is always a great risk

Lot of discussions has been done about safety of container shipping relating to recent devastating container ship fires. Korean carrier KMTC was the latest victim when their vessel
14.05.2019 · News from the ports · Tapio Mattila

Mastering the challenges of the Finnish winter

Mastering the challenges of the Finnish winter As winter fades and the beauty of a new spring unfolds, we enjoy the wonder of this season that arches winter and summer. I write,...
08.05.2019 · General · Eija Anttila

Nearly a century at Steveco

During the careers of Karola Leponen and Anne Ala-Outinen , the working environment at Steveco has changed a great deal. Rotating between different jobs has always kept their work...
06.05.2019 · General · Tuomo Keltto

Carbon free shipping by 2050?

Shipping industry has increasingly been bombarded with ever increasing demands to protect the environment. I could go on how shipping is already by far the most carbon efficient...
12.03.2019 · General · Tuomo Keltto

Singapore – The Hub to Asia

Singapore has a rich history. Located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, the small island state is surrounded by water on all sides. During the 1800’s European’s figured...
18.02.2019 · General · Tuomo Keltto

Hong Kong – The port that struggles to keep up

Port of Hong Kong was a crown jewel of China’s south coast for long time until Shanghai, Guangzhou or Shenzen ports developed enough to challenge the well-established port of Hong...
30.01.2019 · General · Tuomo Keltto

Chinese New Year 2019 – Slowing growth and growing railroad network

The big day for China and whole Asia is only a week away when the Lunar New Year celebrations are almost here. Welcome the year of a pig. The year 2018 and beginning of 2019 has...