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Steveco produces and develops first-rate logistics services for a wide variety of needs. The company is also the biggest producer of stevedoring services in Finland. We are driven by a strong sense of accountability in terms of the environment, our professional personnel or the customer’s cargo




Starting from 1.10.2018 terminal costs in Steveco container terminals, Mussalo and Vuosaari, will be charged from the forwarder who signs the terminal advise. Third party cannot be


Mrs. Mia Brunila was appointed Sales Director starting 15 September 2018. She will be primarily responsible for the sales and sales development of the Steveco Logistics services....


The maintenance break of Steveco´s information system begins on Saturday 15.9.2018 at 21:00 pm and continues to Sunday 16.9.2018 to 03:00 am. During this time, our Kotka and...


Our website has an Order Checking app now. This query gives you information on empty container release orders from Steveco Kotka and Helsinki container depot. Check out the service


The European Union's new Data Protection Regulation will take effect on 25 May 2018. Data protection is taken seriously at Steveco. As such it has been incorporated into all...

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I have avoided writing about the looming US – China trade war mostly due to its complexity and continuously changing situations. However now the topic is so relevant it can hardly...