A solid seamless service package

Steveco is the largest full-service logistics company specialised in stevedoring and logistics services in Finland, which gives us cause to say that we offer genuinely comprehensive logistics services for all needs. Read more and just ask us – we’ll quickly and efficiently organise any and all services you need.


The largest stevedore in Finland

Steveco is the largest stevedoring and logistics company in Finland. We offer comprehensive logistics services for your company’s needs quickly and with expertise.

A large actor means security. You can have all the services you need in one place, and our operations models guarantee that your cargo is delivered as we agree upon.

Our production units are located in Vuosaari in Helsinki, in Mussalo and Hietanen in Kotka, in Hamina, and in ports in the Lake Saimaa area.

Break Bulk

We’re on of the leading break bulk operators in Finland. We operate in sea ports and the Lake Saimaa area inland waters.

The main port for project cargo handling is Hamina with its sufficient crane capacity and container fields for large units and quantities. The good facilities are completed with an excellent railway connection to the port with the tracks reaching all the way to the loading dock.

We’re now offering our customers even more comprehensive service packages, such as gathering the cargo from several customers and locations for efficient joint shipping. Out service concept also encompasses break bulk shipping from the Hamina and Kotka ports directly to large Far East ports with a short transit time.




One contract provides you with two efficient, Finland’s leading container terminals in Kotka and Helsinki.

Both production units are full-service container terminals. We offer export, import, transit, and depot services.



Roro, storo and lolo

Our roro and storo shipping customers are served with solid experience and expertise in our roro terminal in Hietanen in Kotka.

Our terminal offers roofed storage space for export and import cargo and container fields for unit loads and project cargo.




The depot services at Steveco add to our versatile range of services.

We offer our depot services 24/7 in our terminals located in Mussalo and Hietanen in Kotka and in Vuosaari in Helsinki. Our container depots are located in the container terminals in Mussalo and Vuosaari.