Digital services

Steveco develops constantly new forms of digital services to the customers.

The below services are already in use.

Digital services

Self service kiosks located at Mussalo Merituuli gate building and at Vuosaari Gate House.

Truckers can make container tasks for their trucks with the kiosks. Tasks have to be entered before driving into port - and terminal area.

AvisoOpen link in a new tab is an online service intended for freight forwarders. The service provides information on the port handling status of import and export units (containers, semitrailers). By using Aviso, the forwarder can see the real-time information on the movements of the transport units under the forwarder’s control in the browser. Aviso allows time savings as unnecessary telephone calls and e-mail messages can be avoided when the status of the transport units can be monitored directly.

truck check NetOpen link in a new tab is a service for transport companies whose trucks are visiting a container terminal.

The truck check Net service can be used as an online service to replace the check-in or check-out process at office centre Merituuli at Mussalo or at Gatehouse at Vuosaari. By means of the service, the person arranging transport or the truck driver can report the containers arriving at the container terminal or the containers to be picked up from the container terminal in a certain instance, and perform the so-called A-Checkin on the containers, whereby the truck is drawn up the appropriate access passes to the port area and terminal area.

eWaybillOpen link in a new tab is a service for forwarding and transport companies.

The service can be used for the advance feeding of the cargo data on laden containers arriving at the container terminal.

The use of the eWaybill service enables transport companies to use the truck check Net service also for laden containers in pick-up locations which do not supply an EDI waybill in an electronic format. In this case, when laden containers are returned, there is no need to visit the service desk at office centre Merituuli at Mussalo or at Gatehouse at Vuosaari.

UnitReportingOpen link in a new tab is a service for container shipping companies and their agents.

Container shipping companies can use the service to monitor their own depot stock situation and to obtain real-time information on the gate events, loading events and unloading events concerning their own containers.

MoveManagerOpen link in a new tab is intended for customers unstuffing and/or stuffing the contents of containers at the container terminals within the port area.

The MoveManager can be used for placing orders for empty containers for stuffing or orders for laden containers for unstuffing in storage. The use of the MoveManager avoids extra phone calls and email messages, because this service acknowledges the orders automatically to the email addresses given by the customer after it has been acknowledged that the transfers related to the orders have been done.

We provide export, import, and electronic data services for container traffic. Our sales can help you with e-commerce needs. For more detailed technical questions, please contact our IT Manager, contact person Ari-Pekka Tiainen (+358 44 232 3376).

Order CheckingOpen link in a new tab -query gives you information on empty container release orders from Steveco Kotka and Helsinki container depots.