Code of Conduct

Our business operation is certified

Steveco Group operates on the basis of sustainable and safe logistics. We are committed to the principles of continuous improvement, and aim for zero accidents and environmental damages.

As a result of our systematic operations, Steveco Group has been granted Environmental management and Occupational health and safety management systems in accordance to ISO 14001

and ISO 45001 standards by Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy. Steveco Oy has a valid AEO certificate.

Steveco's Code of Conduct – Responsibility across the supply chain

Steveco Group and its subsidiaries are committed to operating in a sustainable and responsible manner. We also require accountability from our own partners. We respect the needs of our customers and the communities we work in, such that our operations are economically, ecologically and socially sustainable.

We are a good corporate citizen

We work actively with our key stakeholders and comply with national and international laws, regulations and set guidelines. These include laws on labour and workers' rights, health and safety at work, environment and product safety; and laws on competition, anti-corruption and other financial responsibilities. We actively follow changes in legislation.

We follow our Code of Conduct and require the same from our partners.

We communicate with our partners honestly and transparently

The principles of our communication are action, timeliness and accuracy. Our announcements are open, transparent and based on facts. We pay appropriate attention to external and internal stakeholders and authoritative bodies in our proclamations.

We securely manage the information entrusted to us.

We protect the confidential information provided to us through technical and practical arrangements. We do not use it to our benefit.

We ensure that the details generated in our operations are kept secure. We do not disclose or process said information to unauthorized personnel.

We are aware of our responsibility in the supply chain and endeavour to prevent misuse.

We act as a responsible partner in the customer's supply chain

We manage the customer’s details, which have been entrusted to us, and ensure reliable access to the cargo and the related information we are responsible for. We require the same from our subcontractors and we monitor them to achieve this. The perceived mishandling is immediately addressed.

We aspire to be a reliable partner and a leading port logistics specialist in Finland. We systematically provide our staff with professional skills and competencies development.

We maintain our equipment and related assets.

We manage our employees' health, safety and well-being

We recognize our responsibility as an employer to our employees, their working conditions and the related impact on their health, safety and well-being. We provide our employees with a safe working environment and strive to prevent any incidents and accidents.

We are aware of our responsibility to the community, environment and our location by the sea

We are committed to understanding, minimizing and preventing the adverse environmental impact

of our operations. Safety precautions and specific procedures are followed when we handle hazardous materials.

Responsible procurement

We make our purchases responsibly, as and when required. We pay attention to their environmental impact and require that our suppliers be equally conscientious.

We expect a fair and equal approach from ourselves and all our partners

Commitment and company loyalty are the key factors to success. Personnel shall not engage in activities that may conflict with the interests of the Group and any of its stakeholders.

Any kind of fraudulent activity is prohibited. Offenses against this principle are examined internally and communicated to the authorities where appropriate.

The Steveco Group treats its employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders fairly. We are also an equality and equal opportunities employer. We do not tolerate discrimination against age, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation. Steveco respects the rights of its personnel. Employees are responsible for doing their jobs.

We do not accept bribery in any form

Offering and receiving bribes is illegal. The Steveco Group and its staff do not give nor accept bribes, nor take other criminal action to promote or safeguard business.

We act in accordance with the above principles

This Code of Conduct describes the ethical principles of the Steveco Group's working methods. We require all of our employees and partners to work in accordance with these and dispute any action discovered to the contrary.

‍In case of misconduct of the principles

If you come across of any violations or suspicions of wrongdoing of Steveco Group’s Code of Conduct, both our employees and anyone associated with our organisation can use our Whistleblowing Channel to report the observation.

Report misconduct of the principles

Observations are always handled confidentially. You can send your observation easily and securely by following the instructions in the form. Steveco undertakes immediate corrective actions in matters that are violating the Steveco Group’s Code of Conduct.