It all started with a port

The history of Steveco is deemed to have begun in 1884, when Jöns Bruhn notified the city administrative court he’d be practicing stevedoring in Port of Kotka. In those days, loading of ships was handled by rowing a boat to meet a ship in the roadstead and shaking on the contract with the skipper. A young sailor from Scania spotted the niche in the market.

Steveco Oy was created in 1988, as Oy Kotka Stevedoring and Hamina Oy merged. The Federation Stevedoring Company, Oy Blomberg Ab, Oy Cadenius Grahn Ab, Oy Fredrikshamn Stevedoring Ab, and Viipurin Hiili ja Koksi Oy – these are just some of the accomplished harbour companies behind Steveco that have merged into one in the course of decades. There’s still talk about Veteki in Kotka and Lumperi in Hamina.

Nowadays, Steveco Oy is the leading port operator in Finland and the market leader in transit traffic and in transport of Finnish wood-processing industry products.