The launch of electronic export terminal advice is approaching

The launch of electronic export terminal advice is approaching.

The pilot use of the service has been started limitedly in the end of October and the service is going to be available for all users from 27.11.2018.

After 01.01.2019 all terminal advices needs to be done by electronic terminal advice only.

Electronic export terminal advice is available on Steveco’s eService Aviso. Personal user IDs are needed to be able to use Aviso-service.

Previous Aviso-IDs has been updated and ID owners has been informed about this by email.

New user IDs can be applied via Aviso’s registration form.

With electronic export terminal advice booking information is given to terminal before containers are delivered to the port. At the moment information is given with terminal advice form.

Also vgm weighing and informing MRN number is done in Aviso-service.

In Aviso, users can track the containers belonging to their bookings until the vessel departs and via cargo queries also after the departure.

For now, service only concerns export terminal advices. Import terminal advices are still given by terminal advice form.

More information is given by Pauliina Lindholm 044 2323 650 and Heli Niemi 044 2323 438.