Finland, Korea or somewhere else?

The last day of the year is a great time to conclude the current year 2018. My Master’s degree studies here in Korea included ten courses, dissertation and unspecified amount of other tasks, such as lecturing, conference presentations and other research. The best thing related to my time in the university has been the access to various academic journal databases that provide almost infinite amount of interesting research on logistics, SCM, shipping and finance. So much to read, so little time.

Living in Seoul has been an experience on its own. Many regard living in a metropolis such as Seoul to be glamorous. However, it has some cons as well. Constant flow of people was great at first but after the honeymoon phase, reality is, I would like some quiet time every now and then. I also value quietness more than I used to. On the other hand, massive volumes of consumers has made it so that every store and café is open day and year around. Those who say NY never sleeps should take a look at Seoul! Being able to choose where to go and when seemingly without any limitations is definitely great.

One chapter here in Korea is closing soon as I passed my dissertation defense last week and turned the printed version to the department office for graduation procedures. These processes should take few months and graduation should be in February unless something unexpected happens. Fingers crossed.

Now as 2019 will start with planning the future and remaking my resume. Also, I get to have some free time which allows me to read all those books that piled on my shelf. Biggest uncertainties of 2019 relate to work and where to live. Finland, Korea or somewhere else.

Happy new year 2019 for readers of these blogs!

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Tuomo Keltto

Tuomo Keltto is a logistics engineer who continued his studies in Seoul, South Korea. He studied at the Korean Government scholarship for a Master's degree in international trade and logistics. Now he is back in Finland and he works at Neste in Porvoo. - He has previously been in Steveco Hietanen for three summers as a temporary stevedore and as a foreman for one summer.