Custom-tailored from design to delivery

Q Yachts is a Finnish manufacturer of state-of-the-art electric boats. The boats handcrafted in Finland and Poland are equipped and finished according to the customer's specifications. Transportation is also arranged to suit the customer's needs and schedule.

Called the ’Tesla of Electric Boats’, Q Yachts manufactures customised boats that are not only enjoyed by users, but also benefit the environment: the ultra-quiet and energy-efficient electric boats are environmentally-friendly products of the future, for which demand is expected to rise significantly.

The majority of Q Yachts’ electric boats are sold directly to private individuals as well as through resellers around the world. Currently, the main market is in Central Europe where the demand for electric boats is growing.

Johan Uunila, CEO of Q Yachts, says that the boats manufactured in Finland and Poland are transported to distant countries by sea. European deliveries are handled by land in one truckload from door-to-door.

“Delivery requires coordinating many parts with different partners. In addition to customs clearance and insurance, unloading at the customer's end, for example, requires its own plan with careful scheduling and ensuring crane availability,” he points out.

On time and safe delivery

The first joint project between Q Yachts and Steveco involved the delivery of a state-of-the-art Q30 boat from Kotka to Tuscany, Italy. Steveco was responsible for the scheduled delivery of the boat to its handover at destination.

When transporting customised specialty products, trust in the partner is very important as tight cooperation is a big part of the customer's good client experience.

“The most important thing for our customers, the buyers, is that the boat arrives on time and safely. Everything went well with Steveco. We are really satisfied,” says Uunila.

“Steveco is a big player with comprehensive networks and outstanding expertise. In our cooperation, we of course also value their competitive pricing.”

Over 20 years experience in exacting land transportation

Steveco has been operating land transport to countries outside Finland for twenty years.

"We have good contacts and long-term partners with whom we handle very different types of transport, from individual cars to shipments of several hundred cars and demanding transports that require special equipment," describes Marko Tuokko, Sales Manager at Steveco.

Transporting an electric boat requires specialised expertise from a transport partner.

“The Q Yachts electric boat with Lithium batteries requires ADR transport, which requires the driver carry a permit for transporting of hazardous goods,” he says.

Excellent project management and scheduling are critical due to the special equipment and special arrangements involved. Steveco closely monitors the progress of shipments and reports back to the customer at agreed intervals.

“Transporting electric boats requires exactly the kind of service for which we have the experience, expertise and the right equipment. We are very happy to be a party to exporting environmentally-friendly, high-end Finnish products to the world,” says Tuokko.‍

Q Yachts

Q Yachts, founded in 2015, is a Finnish developer and manufacturer of electric boats. Turnover in 2021 was about €0.5 million, and this year the goal is to double the turnover to €1 million.

The boats are manufactured in Finland and Poland. Thanks to the innovative design of the hull, the boat glides very smoothly and energy-efficiently without producing polluting emissions.

Market area: worldwide.

More information

“The boat is always unloaded with consideration of the specific situation and the customer's needs. In this case, the boat was lowered directly into the water. In connection with the launch, some final finishing work requested by the customer was carried out by a Q Yachts expert on site,” says Uunila.‍

Text: Annukka Ollitervo
Photos: Johannes Wiehn and Q Yachts

The article was first published in Steveco's customer magazine SATAMA Fair Edition in May 2022

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