Release of T1 customs procedure cargo from Steveco terminals starting from 1.4.2018

Starting from 1.4.2018 cargo in customs procedure can be picked up from Steveco terminals only against beforehand delivered customs document confirmed by the Customs.

Earlier the Customs have opened T1 documents in advance without presenting the cargo in the Customs. T1- document confirmed by the Customs in advance has enabled Steveco to release the cargo before presenting it to the Customs.

According to the information received from the Customs, starting from 1.4.2018, the Customs offices do not open and print T1 documents beforehand if the customer does not present the cargo in the Customs and provide the cargo unit to be sealed.

Authorized consignors shall print the T1 documents themselves and the cargo does not have to be presented in the Customs.

Starting from 1.4.2018 the customer has to deliver the final T1 document to Steveco cargo release department in order to receive the delivery confirmation/pin code.

For more information, please contact Aino Rauhamäki, tel. +358 44 2323 583.