Important information for Aviso service users


Dear Aviso user,

We have noticed that there’s been given incorrect information in export terminal notifications in Aviso service. Incorrect information may cause automatic shipping ban for the goods.

We therefore ask you to pay special attention to the correctness of the given information. The selected customs procedure must correspond to the customs document informed.

If customs procedure selected is Transit declaration or Exit summary declaration; you must deliver additional information of those by email to Steveco Cargo release units (Helsinki/Kotka) well before shipping.

Pls also note if goods arrive to Steveco terminal with Transit declaration and goods need to be unloaded in Steveco temporary storage; The driver must present the transit document when delivering the goods.

Steveco can’t accept retrospective presentations of transit declarations.

If goods are export cleared and have export MRN reference number, pls check that you have selected export clearance as customs procedure in Aviso.

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