The Topic for the Ports’ Work Safety Day 1.10.2018 is See, Observe and Focus

Highly visible and protective work clothing, improved working conditions, identification of risks, learning from work accidents and close calls as well as advances in work machine technology are things that have essentially improved the safety of harbor work the last decades. However, no singular effort nor instruction eliminates the fact that ultimately, everyone is personally responsible for his or her own safety. Still, the world changes and presents new challenges to work safety.

One doesn’t need the mobile phone’s navigator to get around the port area and constant real-time updates concerning friends of yours or news of the world are not necessary, but still frightfully often, you will see people’s eyes glued to the mobile in their hand. When browsing through social media channels or news feeds, one is not fully aware of what is going on around him or her. As it is difficult for the work machines drivers to see their workmates on foot, it’s everybody’s own responsibility to observe the safety of his or her own route or workstation. Equally, for the safety of all persons getting around the port area, mobile phones or devices shall not be used in moving work machines.

Thus, the chosen theme for this autumn’s work safety day is the highly current theme See, Observe and Focus.

The port’s safety day will be held October 1st, 2018 in all Finnish ports.

The ports’ safety day is a collective event for companies’ management, staff, trade unions and port authorities. In the work sites, during breaks, safety talks will be held where the subjects of the theme day will be discussed, but also other current work safety matters.