Organisational changes at Steveco

Steveco Group introduces organisational changes commencing 1st October 2020.

Tomi Rautio is in charge of all our port terminals in Kotka, Helsinki, Hamina and Lake Saimaa area. He continues as the CEO for Oy Saimaa Terminals Ab.

Jari Immonen, Steveco’s CEO, will be in charge of Steveco Logistics.

Tapio Mattila is in charge of sales, marketing and communications for Steveco Group.

Heikki Jääskeläinen will be in charge of process development and functions supporting Steveco Group.

Rauli Pohjola is in charge of Human Resources.

Ari-Pekka Saari continues as the Executive Vice President. He is in charge of legal matters, social relations, operational continuity and overall strategic framework.

Jyrki Vekkilä is in charge of financial management including business controllers, invoicing and accounting.