The main business at Vuosaari in Helsinki comprises ship operations and the handling of containers and trailers to and from the port. Services are also provided in the logistics area of the port, where import containers are fed to be further unloaded into distribution vehicles. Steveco's comprehensive forwarding and ship’s clearance services are also available in Helsinki.

The annual handling capacity at the Vuosaari terminal is approx. 250,000 TEUs of containers.

Services at Vuosaari:

  • Roro terminal operations
  • Container terminal operations
  • Depot services
  • Carriage of containers to and from the distribution warehouses in the logistics area
  • Vessel handling of imported vehicles
  • Warehousing
  • Forwarding and customs clearance services
  • Ship’s clearance.

Vuosaari Container Terminal

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The modern Vuosaari Harbour built by the City of Helsinki offers good connections to the main road and railway network in Finland. The harbour is designed especially to meet the future challenges of freight transport. It also has an important role as the bridgehead of Finland in transport to and from Continental Europe, the Baltic countries and Scandinavia. Steveco plays an integral role as a developer of this transport.

Terminal information

  • 570 trailer slots
  • 4 roro ramps
  • Ground slot capacity 3,200 TEUs
  • 150 reefer slots
  • 2+3 gantry cranes STS
  • Length of quay 1,154 m
  • Draught of fairway 13 m

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